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Brushless Electric Fan Solution with
Customizable Performance
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Walnut, CA (February 16, 2007) – S&S Tech
is introducing a brushless electric fan
solution that is cost effective, compact in
design, and has customizable performance.  
This complete solution can be achieved in a
very short turn-a-round time and it is perfect
for the air moving and HVAC industries.

Many HVAC contractors and engineers will
turn to induction motors with drives to solve
their speed control applications.  The major
drawbacks with these solutions are: (1)
undesirable weight and size of the induction
motor, and (2) expensive speed control
drives.  Compared to induction motor and
drive system, S&S Tech’s brushless motor
system is smaller and lighter.  In addition,
S&S Tech’s motor has an integrated speed
controller that can be easily installed.  Further
more, S&S Tech’s brushless motor system
costs much less than a conventional
(induction) motor and drive package.

S&S Tech understands customers have their
own fan requirements.  For that reason, S&S
Tech adapted an advanced fan blade
technology that can be sized from 10”
diameter to 18” diameter with full
documentation of power and airflow
characteristics.  These documents can be
provided to customers for analysis before
the fans are made.  This is a must solution
for many engineers who are still in the design
stages of their new products.  Combining the
flexible fan blade design and the speed-
control brushless motor, S&S Tech has
helped many customers take their products
faster to market.

S&S Tech’s fan solution is available at 12v,
24v, 36v, 48v, 115v, and 230v.  Based on its
3.8” diameter by 2.5” length motor, maximum
airflow is 2700 CFM and maximum static
pressure is 1” of water.  Higher output can be
achieved through S&S Tech’s rapid-design
Brushless Motor
Brush Motor
Custom OEM
A/C Unit Brushless
Conversion Service
Brushless Electric Fan for
HVAC industries with ECM
or Electronically Controlled
Performance Fans
News / Highlights:
Walnut, CA
(February 16, 2007)
– S&S Tech is
introducing a
brushless electric
fan solution that is
cost effective,
compact in design,...