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Cleaner and Simpler Alternative to
Replace a Hydraulic Fan System
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Walnut, CA (September 23, 2005) – The
benefit of a hydraulic fan system is to offer
the packaging flexibility in an engine
compartment.  An advanced hydraulic fan
system would even offer a steady speed
control to improve the fuel economy.  The
biggest drawback of (any) hydraulic system
is the potential fluid leakage.  An operator
will have to spend time and money on
hydraulic parts maintenance and inspections
for leakage prevention.

S&S Tech, a brushless motor manufacturer,
can build a complete brushless fan system to
eliminate the potential leakage problem that
a hydraulic fan inherits.  S&S Tech’s
brushless fan also offers the packaging
flexibility that is ideal for fitting in a space-
limited compartment.  In addition, S&S Tech’
s brushless fan will run at a constant speed
independent of the engine speed.  
Furthermore, it is cleaner and simpler to
install the wiring harnesses of a brushless
fan than the fittings and hoses of a hydraulic
fan.  S&S Tech offers different sizes of its
brushless fans from a 10-inch fan to a 30-
inch fan.  Unlike a brush electric fan, neither
does S&S Tech’s fan require brush
replacements, nor does it have the
undesirable property of inrush current.  

S&S Tech is able to offer a complete cooling
package based on its customer’s
requirements.  This package includes a
specially engineered cooler/radiator and a
brushless fan assembly.  

S&S Tech is an innovative manufacturer of
brushless motors.  For further information,
please call us at 626-322-9203 or e-mail us
at info@sstechusa.com.  Please also visit
our web site at http://www.sstechusa.com.  
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Walnut, CA
(February 16, 2007)
– S&S Tech is
introducing a
brushless electric
fan solution that is
cost effective,
compact in design,...