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Brushless Condenser Fan with
Detachable Controller for Low Cost
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Walnut, CA (September 23, 2005) – A
typical brushless condenser fan would
require a full motor replacement if motor
failure occurs unless the fan’s controller is
externally mounted.  Replacing complete
brushless motors would become expensive
considering the number of condenser fans
used on a fleet of transit vehicles. S&S Tech,
a brushless motor manufacturer, has come
out a solution to solve the mentioned
problem.  Each of S&S Tech’s electric fans
is constructed so the controller portion of its
fan motor can be easily detached for a quick
replacement.  The idea behind this concept
is to save cost by providing an option to
service just half portion of the motor.  S&S
Tech’s fans offer their customers a clean
installation with benefit of low-cost servicing
that is typically offered by a fan with a remote
controller.  In addition, the components of
each motor controller are potted for better
protection.  One would also notice an O-ring
located between the motor and the controller
end cap for better sealing.  

S&S Tech’s condenser fans are available in
sizes of 10”, 12”, 14”, and 16” with 12v or
24v motors.  Higher voltage units and speed
control options are available upon special

S&S Tech is an innovative manufacturer of
brushless motors.  For further information,
please call us at 626-322-9203 or e-mail us
at info@sstechusa.com.  Please also visit
our web site at http://www.sstechusa.com.  
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Walnut, CA
(February 16, 2007)
– S&S Tech is
introducing a
brushless electric
fan solution that is
cost effective,
compact in design,...
Brushless Condenser Fan