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Replace a Sutrak Brush Motor with a
Brushless Motor
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Sutrak condenser motor is a very popular
motor used in the bus industry.  Many buses
in service today still use brush version of
such motor for their A/C systems.  When it is
time to change to a brushless system, one
will only have two options.  One option is to
buy a brand new A/C system, an expensive
solution.  The other option is to replace all
existing Sutrak brush motors with brushless
ones.  The later option is more reasonable
for a bus fleet where it requires hundreds or
even thousands of motor replacements.

S&S Tech's brushless motors are very
cost-effective, and its dual shaft motor can
be easily converted into a Sutrak motor from
brush to brushless in a snap!  Notice the
brushless motor has controller integrated so
one does not need to concern about
mounting an external controller somewhere
else.  This is truly a plug-and-play solution
that definitely makes practical sense!

In terms of power, S&S Tech's dual shaft
brushless motor can output 160 watts versus
Sutrak's 110 watts.
Brushless Motor
Brush Motor
Custom OEM
S&S Tech's dual shaft
brushless motor can be easily
converted to replace a Sutrak
brush motor.  The motor has
the same diameter like
Sutrak's.  Notice the controller
is integrated and the overall
body length is shorter than that
of a Sutrak brush motor.  The
brushless motor is available for
12v or 24v.  Please contact us
for ordering requirements.
A/C Unit Brushless
Conversion Service
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News / Highlights:
Walnut, CA
(February 16, 2007)
– S&S Tech is
introducing a
brushless electric
fan solution that is
cost effective,
compact in design,...
Converted 3" motor from the
dual shaft motor