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Drifting with a Brushless Electric Fan
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Many drifters stay with their engine driven
fans because they simply can't find electric
fans that are able to keep their engines
cool.  And when they finally find an electric
fan that works, it usually turns out to be an
amp drawing monster!  

XFAN solves that problem by running its
electric fan with a brushless motor.  Due to
its high efficiency, a brushless fan would
draw much lower current than a brush fan
does if both are expected to produce the
same amount of air flow.

The team at C-office uses two XFAN's for
cooling and they were surprised to find out
the fans actually keep the temperature
down at idles or while drifting! One
comment from the team is that they would
never believe electric fans would work until
now.  C-office's drift car has a Skyline GTR
engine with twin turbos.  The car has an
aluminum radiator and an intercooler
installed.  One 14" XFAN and one 10"
XFAN manage to pull enough air through
both coolers and keep the engine cool.

The advantage of using electric fans is
obvious.  While an engine fan requires
power in several horsepower, XFAN would
only require a fractional HP.  This is a huge
advantage for a car that requires repetitive
accelerations at every corner turning.
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News / Highlights:
Walnut, CA
(February 16, 2007)
– S&S Tech is
introducing a
brushless electric
fan solution that is
cost effective,
compact in design,...
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